Tudal High School History

Tudal High School has the rare distinction of being the only school in Goa named after the village it was meant to be in. And it is in Gaondongrem, a place literally meaning ‘a village nestled among the hills’. It definitely conjures up images of verdant fields fringed by steep towering mountains and dense forests. A picturesque beauty, it is the idyllic setting for a temple of learning.

In 1998, the reputed educational organization of Shri Nirakar Education Society was invited by the Government of Goa to set up a new school in the middle of a rustic village with an old world charm, not far from the hustle and bustle of the booming new town of Canacona. Inspite of a couple of attempts by other private educational societies to do the same (which obviously ended in failure), Mr. Prasad Lolayekar of Shri Nirakar Education Society took up the cudgels and began the groundwork arduously. The Headmaster of Shri Nirakar Vidyalaya, Mashem, Mr. Jairam K. Gaonkar, was appointed as the acting Headmaster of the school and all efforts began in earnest. In fact, it was he who christened the school at its fledgling stage the lyrical Tudal Middle School.

Although this middle school began in a humble shed, the society went on, contradicting critics, in building a school in a location close by with classrooms, a library, a laboratory and an office. The villagers of Tudal, themselves austere, simple folk, generously donated their land for the school.

To cap it all, a new three-storeyed building was constructed for the high school with the best facilities for the students under the leadership of the Headmaster, Mr. Vijaykumar A. Prabhu. A great amount of credit goes to the astute Chairman of Shri Nirakar Education Society, Mr. Prashant Naik, for successfully establishing the fully modern structure of the school as it now stands.

The children in the locality of Gaondongrem are the uncut diamonds of our state. The majority not only belongs to the tribal community, they are economically backward and first-generation learners. The sparkle in their eyes to know the world keeps Shri Nirakar Education Society’s lamp of commitment burning. The teaching-learning process would be incomplete without the active participation of the parents. The Parent Teacher Association meetings witness full house attendance with eager, optimistic parents keenly participating in the discussions pertaining to the progress and development of their wards.

Tudal High School has much to boast about since its inception. It raced against time to make up for what other schools took decades – be it in academics, sports or co-curricular activities. The students under the guidance of an all-young staff have showcased their talents in different spheres. They have even presented their science projects at prestigious exhibitions all over in India. Since the students live and study in the bosom of nature herself, they know nature in its truest form and hence, passionately participate in nature conservation programmes. The sports champions of the school have won accolades not only for the school but have made our state proud.

Looking back over the years, the development that has taken place in Tudal High School has been tremendous, not just in proving quality education but in changing society to look forward towards a brighter future.

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