Nirakar High School History

From the noble ideal of ‘Mushtifund’ was born Shri Nirakar Vidyalaya in 1924. The traditional pedagogy of the village found its sustenance through a handful offerings of grain and the unflinching support of its community members. Against all odds of the pre-liberation period it emerged as a full-fledged middle school on 5th of June 1950.

While the entire nation and the state was making impressive strides in education, it was only a distant dream for Kankonkars. So the crusade for imparting good education had to be bolstered. During the time when Goa was charged with the spirit of nationalism, the school nurtured young minds and hearts who immensely contributed to the cause of liberation of Goa.

The actual work of the school began on 5th June 1940. Catering to the educational needs of only 15-20 pupils was its humble beginning. Gradually it progressed due to the dedication and selfless work of teachers like Shri Madhav B.Prabhugaonkar, Shri Venkatesh Y. Bhende, Shri Madhav H.Prabhudesai,Shri Ramchandra V.Prabhudesai and Smt.Sudarabai N.Prabhudesai. Classes were conducted at various places like the veranda of someone’s house, in the assembly hall of Shri Nirakar temple as the school did not have an independent building of its own. However the plans of constructing a school building received overwhelming support of the villagers who generously lent timber and other material required for its construction. As per plans the construction began in the property that belonged to the Shri Nirakar Devalay and in the year 1950 the school building was inaugurated at the hands of Dr.Vasantrao Nagarsekar.

However with the subsequent addition of classes space constraint was felt and the school building towards its east side was constructed under the patronage of the then President of the management, Shri Tukaram S.Lolayekar.

In the year 1950 its first batch of std VII answered the primary school exam from Karwar centre. After its initial success in educational endeavours, Mr. Gopal V.Prabhu made efforts to take it two steps further by introducing std VIII and IX in the years 1954 and 55 respectively. For the approval of the Pune S.S.C. board it was mandatory to have pucca walls for the classes. The school celebrated its silver jubilee in the year 1965. Goa’s first Chief Minister Mr.Bahusaheb Bandodkar was the chief guest for the silver jubilee function. It was in 1969 the building with six classes was inaugurated.

After liberation, that is from the year 1961 the school was upgraded to impart quality education upto S.S.C level. The full fledged school was run under the leadership of Shri.Suresh Kanekar,Shri Ravindra Pai Raiturkar and Shri Ram V.Bhat. From the year 1964 to 1970 the school was under the tutelage of Shri Ramdas.N.Phene , whose competency brought in great stability and many accomplishments. In the year 1971 Shri Suresh Prabhugaonkar was appointed the headmaster of the school. The school celebrated its golden Jubilee during his leadership. Mr.Jairam Gaonkar was appointed as the Headmaster of this institution in the year 1998.Many innovative methods of teaching were carried out in school during his tenure. The society also started a hostel for students coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. Students not only from Canacona but from different parts of Goa are availing this facility. Presently the school is run under the able leadership of Mr.Hemant Kamat. Plans for developments are ongoing and every effort is made by NES to provide the best facilities.

As envisioned by the founders, the school has lived up to its highest enshrined values and principles and produced excellent leaders in various fields. We are proud of these Nirakarians, who keep the flag of highest values handed over to us by the founders, soaring high...

Today we have a team of the stakeholders of education-the Management, the staff and the parents working creatively to give a new direction to the innovative young minds to excel and shine.

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