As I pen these lines, I recollect the patriotic fervour surrounding the formation of the Sri Nirakar Education Society. Those were the days of struggle for liberation and education was regarded as a powerful vehicle in the march towards political freedom. The mission of our society was to consciously espouse and promote the values of self-reliance, patriotism, civil liberties and freedom from colonial bondage.

With the liberation of Goa, the focus in the mission moved to promote and preserve the local language and culture. Our institution repositioned itself to work for the educational empowerment of rural students with emphasis on imbibing in the young minds our local culture, values and language.

There were ups and downs as we look back. Migration of locals to towns, preference for English-medium education and competition from other schools results in dwindling strength of our institution. We had to rework our mission and strategy to answer the needs and requirements of the changing times. The focus today in all our institutions is to ensure better infrastructure, innovative methodologies of learning and dedicated teachers. The motto is to guarantee quality education coupled with life-oriented skills insuring that the young learners are tied to the values of the soil as they soar to rise to their full potential at State, National and international levels.

Founded in 1924 as a Mushtifund Saunstha the NES moved in three different places before settling in its present premises of Nirakar High School in 1950s the regular classes of a full-fledged school stated in 1939. Ours was one of the first education societies to send students for SSC of Pune Board in 1962. In fact that was the first time we achieved hundred percent result of our Nirakar High School a feat which we have achieved after fifty years this year. In 1991 we youngsters took over the reins of NES and from then, there was no looking back. In 1993 we started the Satyavati Soiru Angle Higher Secondary School with substantial help coming from a renowned philanthropist and former Member of Parliament Ramakant Angle. In 1998 we crossed the borders of Loliem Polem Panchayat and started a High School in Tudal village of Gaodongari Panchayat. This school which is catering to over ninety percent students from ST community has carved out a name for itself in the educational field. The latest edition is that of science stream at the Satyavati Soiru Angle Higher Secondary School, which we opened last year that is in 2011. All this was possible due to the unstinted support from the Nirakar Devsthan Committee and co-operation and help received from my committee members of NES, contributions and support received from Village Panchayat Loliem Polem, Maji Vidyarthi Sanghatana of Nirakar High School, Mashem Cricket Club and above all the loving people of Goa in general and Canacona in particular.

Let me reiterate that the main aim of the Society is to render “Quality Education” to the student fraternity of Nirakar. The Society would be one which would strive to be the best in every area and field it undertakes. As it blossoms full, it will spread its fragrance throughout Goa and to all the nooks and corners of the globe through its alumni.

We are committed to create an educational community of hardworking individuals who have a noble sense of purpose in their lives, inspiring all around them to transcend barriers, overcome odds and work in unison to bring progressive values in society.

I have no doubt that through this web portal we will reach out and communicate to our students, alumni and all the stakeholders strengthening the bonds of love and friendship. This bonding and sharing will result in the enrichment of all and pave the way for achieving our vision and mission. Let’s move hand in hand and put our hands together in unison. I look forward for this synergy to keep the Nirakar flag flying and fluttering high in the educational skies.

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